Wooden Chess Set Chess Board handmade Interior for Storage

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► Experience the imperial elegance of wooden chess set, the imperial enigma, and the finesse of luxury and opulence that can not be ignored.► Our Chess Board Comes in a Safe box packaging. which Keeps them safe and well protected against collisions with other pieceile on the move.► Our Wooden Chess boards unveil the true adventure and the excitement of a game of chess for the players and delights the viewers with its royal charm and exquisiteness.► The sophistication of the artwork and the elegance of the design are noticeable in the beautiful wooden chess table, and the smooth finish of the chessboard complements them all. Bring home a chess set that is stunningly beautiful and has the power to captivate the spectators.► Our Beautiful chess boards comes in 15" size, the handcrafted chess pieces are strikingly attractive and shiny, that bring out the majestic charm with their elaborately sized figurines.
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