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5,500 ₨

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Old lenovo laptop for sale
system specs and information:
Windows 10 pro
Pentium R dual core
For detailed specs, plz see the photos
Windows 10 and fast running PC
Pre installed Web cam
Working WIFI
Cons :
Since it is an old PC, there are some cons of this machine
*almost no battery life(only 5-10mins) which means that you have to use it with charger just like PCs
* keyboard problem: there are 7-8 keys of keyboard which doesn't work like " " key and del key. All the arrow keys are non functional. Other than that keyboard is fine.
* charger wire is slightly small in length and laptop is slightly heavy.
*Display problem.. The display of this laptop sometimes blinks and wobbles but a slight tap on the laptop makes it fine.
Other than the above cons, there are no software problems or glitches.
Price : As it is an old laptop, i am selling it at fairly low price But price is adjustable according to the wish of the buyer.
Location :RWP/ISL

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Laptop Brand Lenovo